A unique expertise for multiple legal issues

Family law

Our firms is specialized in all aspects of family law : Child law, child support and maintenance, cohabitation, sepration of assets, winding up of estates and family companies, etc.



The CASEY Law firm can steer you clear from the troubled waters of divorce due to its long experience of in divorce matters. Be it through negotiation or litigation, we are committed to provide you premium legal service and always tell you where your best interest stands. We can work both in native French and in English. The Divorce code printed by Dalloz Publishers is commented and annotated by Jerome CASEY.

Wills, estates and probates

The Casey law firm has a long standing experience of councelling and litigation expertise in all aspects of succession law. Drafting a will or attacking one, going through the careful aspects of  estate planning or unwinding excessive and unfair planification, we are used to dealing with both sides of the fence.

Family owned companies

Our firm can assist you in any aspect of a family owned company. Divorce, estate planning, guardianship, to quote but a few, are circumstances which may affect your company. We can provide, along with our network of professionnals, detailed assistance in all of these aspects, including litigation between family members who are, besides, partners in the same company.

International family law & Assets in France

The increasing numbers of people living and working over a border makes private international law an indispensable tool in any family law firm. The Casey law firm is well established in that filed, if only by Jerome Casey's personnal situation, and his understanding from the start of the needs of an international family. We have a fine network of fellow lawyers ready to assist in any country outside France, and we are committed to provide you with the finest legal service in these matters.

We may also assist families or indivduals living abroad in the running of their French properties, thus avoiding the biais agaisnt the foreigner and providing the local man's knowledge and understanding of the way things are done in France, insuring our clients their estates are cared for exactly as they would be if they were French residents themselves.

Legal opinions

Owing to his double qualification (as a lawyer and a university professor), Jerome CASEY is regularly consulted by foreign lawyers or judges in relation to a trial or an arduous negotiation abroad that involves aspects of French law. He may then draft a legal opinion to be use either in court or in private discussions in order to explain the contents of French law and jurisprudence. This service may go as far as being subpoenaed before the foreing court and explain, in english, the ins and outs of his legal opinion.