So here we are... Locked-down by a tiny-weenie bug. Trapped within our own lives, with nowhere to go, and (eventually) nothing to do.

But our brains belong to us, and they should remain bug free (well, that is to say, not more deviant than what they usually are...). So, what we need is to exercise our minds, just like we should exercise our bodies, except it's easier to do the former than the latter when you are stranded at home. Of course, you and I may start Pathfinder-type exercises in your living-room, pumping up with your arms, reeling your feet over lofty heights (possibly kicking over that precious lamp your spouse adores in the process...). But lawyers don't behave like that, do they? No they don't. Lawyers... think. A little too much at times, I agree. But they think. Often, they event get to the point where they think that are thinking... That's me in a nutshell! So this lockdown will have to be that: thinking about thinking, every single day. A diary in other words. A log, from an isolated Robinson, written to distract himself, and keep a record, no matter how stupid (after all, a lawyer is holding the pen), of this unique experience. 

I wanted to call it Corona Diaries, but this machine found this title too long by one letter. Just one f.... letter. So it's been shed down to singular: Corona Diary. It sounds vaguely beer-oriented, but it's not.

Just the single journey of a lawyer through this incredible phenomenon: becoming a prisoner. A prisoner with inmates, as family and cats are in the cell. And they can be ferocious.

So, if you're tired of French legal news, no matter how beautifully crafted elsewhere in this App (say that quickly), join in every day in our Corona Diary. All in English, of course, all different from the usual stuff. Just different, just enough to keep you busy a few minutes in your own cell…

Now, look out, it all starts tomorrow...

Jerome CASEY ©, 2020, all rights reserved